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 9. Alastair McIntosh - Psychology


Classified Index of Articles on Psychology, Cultural Psychotherapy & Ethnography (excluding South Pacific)


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285. 2018-19, Three Reflections on Extinction Rebellion - in The Ecologist on psychology and spirituality, and in The Friend on discernment, to Jan 2019.


283. 2018, The State of the Nation Lecture 2018, St Andrew's Day, St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh - that's an audio link, for the text click here. For source references on St A, see here.


276, 2018, The Iroquois Six Nations Address to the Western World of 40 years ago, Bella Caledonia supplement in The National, 6 January, p. 6.


265. 2016, Dè Seòrsa Fuaim a tha a' Tighinn à Tùr-Cluig Falamh? What is the Sound of an Empty Belfry Chiming?, Re-Soundings, ed. Mhairi Killin & Hugh Watt, www.re-soundings.com, Graphical House, ISBN 978-0-9565200-8-1, pp. AD597 - c.1497 (bi-lingual Gaelic & English arts project on bells and artillery shells).


2016, Dè Seòrsa Fuaim a tha a' Tighinn à Tùr-Cluig Falamh? What is the Sound of an Empty Belfry Chiming?, Re-Soundings, ed. Mhairi Killin & Hugh Watt, www.re-soundings.com, Graphical House, ISBN 978-0-9565200-8-1, pp. AD597 - c.1497 (bi-lingual Gaelic & English arts project on bells and artillery shells).


263, 2016, What is it About Evangelicals? (Donald Trump's evangelical base and his Scottish roots), Bella Caledonia, 27 November. PDF version here.


262, 2016, Donald Trump and the Second Sight, Bella Caledonia, 6 November. PDF version here.


260, 2016, Poacher's Pilgrimage: an Island Journey, Birlinn, Edinburgh, hardback, ISBN 978 178027 361 7, £20, 339 pp. + xxi.


255. 2015, Canadian Quakers Yearly Meeting Lecture - Decolonising Land and Soul: A Quaker Testimony, The Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture 2015, Canadian Yearly Meeting, Ottawa, 37pp.


256, 2015, Rummaging Through the Useful Bag, Dark Mountain Journal Issue 8 (on Technê, technology), pp. 298 - 310.


252. 2015. Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service, book co-authored with Matt Carmichael, Green Books, Cambridge, 24 September 2015 (formal year of publication is given as 2016, apparently a publishing convention for books released late in the year), hardback, ISBN 978 0 85784 300 5, 223 pp., £19.99.


251. 2015. Canoe Pilgrimage to Boreray: Celtic Era Burial site at Field of the Monks in Outer Hebrides & Birth Place of the Grandfather of the First Man on the Moon, photo documentary, September, web published by Alastair McIntosh.


242. 2015, Scalpay Lighthouse Pathway Opening Address (13 Sept 2014), De Tha Dol, Harris Voluntary Service, Isles of Scalpay & Harris, Jan 2015, pp. 8-9.


241b. 2014, The Poit Dhubh (Black Pot) of Loch na Buaile Gharbha (Village of Leurbost, Isle of Lewis), Dusgadh, North Lochs Historical Society magazine, No 74, p. 12.


241. 2014, Lochs Agricultural Show Opening Address (26 July 2014), Dioghlum, Kinloch Historical Society, Isle of Lewis, No. 48, Dec 2014, pp. 5-6.


234. 2014, "Foreword" (25 pp) to the new edition of On the Other Side of Sorrow: Nature and People by James Hunter, Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh.


233. 2014, Book Review of Donald Smith's Freedom and Faith & Doug Gay's Honey from the Lion (both on theology of Scottish independence referendum), Third Way, 37:5, June, p. 40.


231. 2014, When the Ferries Fail to Sail (community resilience on the Isle of Lewis during 1966 strike of the National Union of Seamen), with Lauren Eden (1), Dark Mountain, Issue 5, Spring 2014, pp. 140-157.


226. 2014, A Culture of Contempt: the Telegraph, R.D. Laing & Scottish Independence, Bella Caledonia opinion piece, February 19th. For non-interactive but permanent PDF version click here.


221. 2013, Island Spirituality: Spiritual Values of Lewis and Harris, Islands Book Trust, Kershader, 184 pp, price £10.


217. 2012 The 'Sacredness' of Natural Sites and Their Recovery: Iona, Harris and Govan in Scotland, in Mallarach, J.-M., Papayannis, T. and Väisänen, R. (eds), The Diversity of Sacred Lands in Europe: Proceedings of the Third Workshop of the Delos Initiative – Inari/Aanaar 2010. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN and Vantaa, Finland: Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services - free PDF of complete volume from IUCN here.


219. 2013, Book review of Fauna Scotica: Animals and People in Scotland by Polly Pullar & Mary Low, ECOS: Journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists, 34:1, pp. 64-65.


208. 2010. Book Review: Patrick Hennessey's "The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing time and fighting wars", Third Way, March, 33:3, 39.


198. 2008, Review of "A Book of Silence" by Sara Maitland, Third Way, December 2008.


197. 2008, Land, Identity, School: Exploring Women's Identity with Land in Scotland Through the Experience of Boarding School (PDF), with Chriss Bull (1) and Colin Clark (3), Oral History: Journal of the Oral History Society, Autumn 2008, Vol. 36:2, 75 - 88,  Autumn 2008.


196. 2008, Rekindling Community: Connecting People, Environment and Spirituality, Schumacher Briefing No. 15, Green Books. ISBN 978-1-900322-38-6.


195. 2008, Some Contributions of Liberation Theology to Community Empowerment in Scottish Land Reform 1991 - 2003, (4 MB PDF) Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by Published Works undertaken with the Academy of Irish Cultural Heritages, Faculty of Arts, University of Ulster.


194. 2008, Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition, Birlinn Press, Edinburgh, 289 pp. + x, £8.99, ISBN 978-1-84158-622-9.


173. 2005, The Dream Job: 21 Steps to enhance Black and Ethnic Minority opportunities in Scotland, (co-authored by Alastair McIntosh, Vérène Nicolas, Tara O'Leary, Jane Rosegrant & Nick Wilding; Foreword by Tesfu Gessesse, Chair of EMPOWER), EMPOWER, Equal, European Social Fund & Centre for Human Ecology, Edinburgh, 23 September, 28pp..


172. 2005, 3 contributions to The Encyclopaedia of Religion and Nature (2 volumes), Jeffrey Kaplan & Bron Taylor eds., Continuum International Publishing, London & NY, 2005 (www.religionandnature.com), comprising: 1) Scotland (the historical context of nature religion), 1503-1505, 2) Faerie Faith in Scotland, 633-634, and, 3) Scything & Erotic Fulfillment (vernacular work rhythms), 1507-1509.


167. 2005, Chronique d'une Alliance: Peuples autochtones et société civil face à la mondialisation, (the abridged French translation of Soil and Soul), Editions Yves Michel, Paris, ISBN 2 913492 30 4, €22, 351pp..  Ce blog est destiné aux lecteurs d'Alastair McIntosh afin qu'ils puissent se connaître, se faire connaître et s'exprimer sur les sujets abordés dans le livre.


166. 2004, Public School and the Platonic Ideal, Boarding Concern, Winter 2004, p. 7.


157. 2003, Paedophilia in the Community, The Hebridean, Stornoway, 20 November.


151. 2003, Cold War Psychohistory in the Scottish Psyche, in Jamison, Brian (ed.), Scotland and the Cold War, Cualann Press, Dumfermline, pp. 74 – 80.


141. 2003, Channel 4's "Without Prejudice?" - "7 days in the life of ... Alastair McIntosh", Sunday Herald, 25 January 2003, p. 9 (7 Days section), and, "How I won 50 grand on TV", The Herald, 28 January 2003, p. 14.


135. 2002, Roots for Living, column in The Big Issue (Scotland) jointly with Vérène Nicolas, Nos. 1 - 4 (on Celtic revolution, land reform, gender deficit and Scots racism), Issues 361, 363, 365 & 367, Feb - Mar.


133. 2001, Origins of the Sex-Spirit Split, Sex and Spirit Conference - keynote address, Findhorn Foundation, 21 October 2001.


128. 2001, Land Reform and National Identity, Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris, No. 572-48, November, p. 6, co-authored with Vérène Nicolas. Published in French translation as Quand l'Ecosse Distribue les Terres: Vent de Réformes Après la Conquête de L'Autonomie, in English original, London, p. 13 (with The Guardian Weekly by subscription and on website) as Scotland plc - Land Reform and National Identity, and in German/Swiss editions as Das Geheimnis des wahren Schotten.


127. 2001, Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power, Aurum Press, London, ISBN 1 85410 802 6, £17.99 hardback, 336pp..


115. 2000, Who’s a Real Scot? The Report of “Embracing Multicultural Scotland”, Centre for Human Ecology, Edinburgh, 28pp., (with Hanna Maan (1), Nick Wilding (2), Vérène Nicolas (3) and Amadu Khan (4)).  


110. 2000, Dancing to your Shadow: A Celtic Reflection on the Healing of Broken-Heartedness, The Journal of Contemporary Health, Liverpool John Moores University, Issue 8, 58-60; reprinted in PanGaia, Port Arena, CA., No. 23, 41-45.  


105. 1999, Psychospiritual Effects of Biodiversity Loss in Celtic Culture and its Contemporary Geopoetic Restoration, in Cultural & Spiritual Values of Biodiversity: a Complementary Contribution to the Global Biodiversity Assessment, ed. Darrell Addison Posey, United Nations Environment Programme (Intermediate Technology Publications), Nairobi & London, 480-483.


92. 1998, Fairy Hills: merging heritage and conservation, ECOS, 18:2, British Association Nature Conservation, (with Patrick Laviolette (1)), 2-8, now also in PDF.


89. 1997, Cold hearts who cast the first stone (Victorian family values v. Biblical sexual ethics), The Herald, Glasgow, 17 November, 15.


80. 1996, Wounded childhoods form bullies with bullets, Scotland on Sunday (SoS Essay), 27-10-96, 20.  


73. 1996, (261KB) From Eros to Thanatos: Cigarette Advertising’s Imagery of Violation as an Icon into British Cultural Psychopathology, Centre for Human Ecology Occasional Paper, University of Edinburgh Faculty of Science & Engineering, (featured in front page lead story of Wall Street Journal, 10 Oct. 1996), 52pp., £10.00.  


61. 1995, Echoes down the glen of landed power, Reforesting Scotland, 13, 26-28.  


56. 1994, (287KB) The Scottish Highlands in colonial and psychodynamic perspective, Interculture: International Journal of Transdisciplinary and Intercultural Research, XXVII:3, 2-36, (with Andy Wightman (2) and Dan Morgan (3)). Traduction française (228KB): Les Highlands écossais dans une perspective coloniale et psychodynamique. Now also in PDF - on the linked pages.


32. 1990, Review of The Seer in Celtic and Other Traditions, Ellis Davidson, H. (ed.), John Donald, in Christian Parapsychologist, 8:8, 298-300.  




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