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 Classified Index of Publications


Classified Subject Index of Alastair McIntosh's Publications


This index classifies my material from the chronological index of publications into subject areas.

There can be quite a bit of overlap between categories. The most items are at the top.


0. Recent additions, past year (that may not yet be in the classified indexes)

1.  Community, Place, Belonging & Identity

2.  Globalisation, Economics, Marketing & Management

3.  Nonviolence, War & Peace

4.  Sustainability, Conservation, Natural Resources, Climate Change

5.  Land Reform (including Isle of Eigg)

6.  Superquarries and Mining (including Isle of Harris)

7.  Epistemology, Education, Environmental Education & Science Policy

8.  Scottish Constitutional, Vision and Identity

9.  Psychology, Cultural Psychotherapy & Ethnography (except South Pacific)

10. Papua New Guinea & South Pacific (including Indonesia)

11. Religion, Theology & Philosophy

12. Consciousness Research & Parapsychology

13. Mythology, Poetics & Shamanism

14. Spirituality





Last Updated: 27/10/23