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 Russian Iconographic Photos

Russian Iconographic and religious painting photos

Click here for Land, Power & National Identity Russian seminar paper

Click here for paper on Saint Andrew: Non-violence and National Identity


1. Contrasting iconography outside Moscow's new cathedral.

2. Museum of icons at the Holy Trinity Sergyev Monastery (February 2000). I said to the young priest pictured who had fluent English, "Where I come from many people would consider kissing an icon to be idolatrous. What do you say to that?" He replied, "It's the same as kissing a picture of your wife. It's not the paper you're kissing, but what lies beyond it."

3. Icon of St Andrew at Holy Trinity Sergyev Monastery (left). 

4. Image showing Andrew's style of martydom at the Kremlin (right).

5. Biblical murals at the seminar room in the Holy Trinity Sergyev Monastery.

Click here for pictures of the land theology seminar at Holy Trinity Sergyev.




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