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 Russian Land Reform Visit Photos

Photos from Russian Academy of Sciences & Orthodox Church Visit

Land, Power & National Identity Seminars, Moscow - February 2000

Captions are given at top of photos to enable easy scrolling down. Click hyperlinks to see Land, Power & National Identity seminar paper, the resultant book, Healing Nationhood, and more pictures showing iconography including St Andrew.

Click here for Land, Power & National Identity Russian seminar paper

Click here for paper on Saint Andrew: Non-violence and National Identity


1. Academy of Sciences (Economics Dept) team at the Holy Trinity Sergyev Monastery at Sergyev Posad near Moscow. To my left is Mikhail Gelvanovsky, Director of the National Institute for Development at the Academy of Sciences, who stood in for our host, Dr Dmitry Lvov, who was ill. To my right is Verene Nicolas (Centre for Human Ecology), Fred Harrison (Centre for Land Policy Studies), Dr Tatiana Roskoshnaya (Land & Public Welfare Foundation, St Petersburg) and Dr Galina Titova (Centre for Ecological Security, St Petersburg). The others are economists from the Academy of Sciences in Moscow.


2. The seminar at the Holy Trinity Monastery with  economists and the theologians. Click here for religious paintings and icons from the monastery.





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