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 South Pacific 1980's Illustrations

Papua New Guinea & Solomons Pictures 1984-86 & 1989

These pictures are all taken off reproductions made from slides, therefore the quality is not great.

1. Head office staff of South Pacific Appropriate Technology Foundation (left to right: Bede (publications), Kora (office manager), Albert MacMotisi (accounts), Hanna (secretarial), Dory (projects) and Andrew (director). Andrew Kauleni tragically passed away in the early 1990's. He was a great visionary and rich in kindness.


2. Badi, a Village Industries Research & Training Unit staff member in Bougainville, North Solomons Province, 1998, at a site clearfelled to make way for cocoa plantation. Click here for paper on the Bougainville Crisis.


3. Children on Malaita Island, Solomon Islands, 1989. The logging companies (Kayuchem from Taiwan, in this instance), have cut the Terminalia Brassia forests right down to the shore. Not only does this deprive fish of breeding grounds, but it was found that infant malnutrition at the age of about 3-4 suddenly rose. Nutritionist Dymphna Leonard told me that this was thought to be because the children, at this age, had teeth hard enough to crack the tree's protein rich nut, thereby improving diet. However, with the trees cut, this source of food for the children had been taken away.


4. Wokabout Somill operating near Lae, Morobe Province, 1989. Two circular blades rotating at right angles on a hand-drawn rig cut out dimensioned timber. Click here to see paper on this.


5. Sasa Zibe, director of the sustainable forestry programme, running a workshop on polycyclic rotational felling systems (see above link for paper). Sasa's work was also supported by John Seed's outfit, Rainforest Information Centre, in Australia.


6. Margaret Ogomeni, then SPATF's head of Extension Work, running a workshop at Karama, Gulf Province, 1984.



7. Lorena stove-making workshop in Karama, Gulf Province, 1984.

8. Adam & Catriona with a village boy at Karama, 1984.





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