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 Tobacco Adverts: Death Cigarettes

The following tobacco advertisements illustrate the Death Cigarettes and others featured in From Eros to Thanatos: Cigarette Advertising's Imagery of Violation as an Icon into British Cultural Psychopathology, an occasional paper paper by Alastair McIntosh of the Centre for Human Ecology.

Click here to see adverts for Gallaher's Silk Cut brand.

Click here to see adverts for Gallaher's Benson & Hedges brand.


Death Cigarettes - including unfolded packet




Below - B J Cunningham, the entrepreneur who was behind Death Cigarettes.

Marlboro - in the right hand image, notice resonance between the chillies and the internal structure of our lungs (only part of each advert has been scanned in).



Love as the motif used in earlier cigarette advertising. Recall the Father of Motivational Manipulation Ernest Dichter:

"With a cigarette I am not alone ... I blow my troubles away”  

- from Why do we Smoke Cigarettes? in The Psychology of Everyday Living, 1947 (his paper is on the web).




John Player - JPS - I call this one "The descent of the Holy Spirit"


The "ecstasy of destruction"






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