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 Benson & Hedges Tobacco Adverts

This page will be slow loading. The following Benson and Hedges B & H ( B&H ) Gallaher tobacco advertisements illustrate the paper on this website, From Eros to Thanatos: Cigarette Advertising's Imagery of Violation as an Icon into British Cultural Psychopathology.

Click here to see adverts for Gallaher's Silk Cut brand.

Click here to see Death and other brands.

The first five of these cigarette advertisements are scanned in from Rob Morris's and Richard Watson's The World's 100 Best Posters, Open Eye Publishing, Horsham, 1993. The ants one is from 1983. The others are my own scans, and I apologise that they could only partially fit the scanner. [New images kindly sent to me by readers have been added in 2007].



Ants (below) 1983

Below - from Collett Dickenson Pearce - "Mexican Wave" with Gallaher's Benson & Hedges cigarette pack on its crest.


Consistent with the surrealist approach, the psychopathic dentist ad bears only the words, "Smoking Causes Fatal Diseases" and the tar and nicotine content. However, unusually the B&H logo is discretely shown in the top right (not shown) of what made up a double-page magazine spread. Can you believe that they really sold cigarettes with such images? And not just any second-rate brand either.


CDP's "Piano Tuna" - again, only part  of the image scanned in here.


Some other ads that people have kindly sent me copies of after I wrote my article:




One of the early Benson & Hedges ads, featuring a gold snake in the sand ... and its nemesis!





A 1978 Scottish Health Education Council take-off of the Bensons campaign. The original coffin was gold, but Gallaher found out and complained to the Advertising standards authority, forcing the posters to be shredded and re-made with a pine coffin.


23-9-00, revised with colour scans 27-11-04


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