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 Stone Eagle at Mount Roineabhal

Before Mount Roineabhal, Isle of Harris, with the (now retired) Mi'Kmaq Warrior Chief and Peace Pipe Carrier, Sulian Stone Eagle Herney with Alastair McIntosh, 1994. (Photo: Murdo MacLeod, The Guardian, 1994).


In June 2005 I shall be visiting Sulian in Nova Scotia to ask his blessing as I go on to the Mi'Kmaq Pow Wow at Pictou to receive back from the Mi'Kmaq the mountain top that he took into sanctuary. It will be returned to the Isle of Harris later in the summer in a ceremony that will be kept small, simple and quiet, as there is no need to complete this work in a manner that might cause discomfort for the minority in the community who would have liked the superquarry to go ahead. 

Story of how the mountain was finally saved - http://www.alastairmcintosh.com/articles/2004-ecos-lafarge.htm .

[Click here for Stone Eagle's 1994 public inquiry testimony]

[Click here to see computer GIS photomontage images of proposed superquarry]


14-9-00, updated 28-5-05


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