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 Alastair McIntosh's Rare Third Party Resource Material


This page contains links to PDF files third party material that I hold on this website for use by colleagues, students and special interest groups. I will be adding more links and re-organising the page as it expands, but the file URLs should remain stable as should the URL of this index page at www.AlastairMcIntosh.com/general/resources.htm . To download a file, simply click and it should open in your PDF reader (usually Adobe Acrobat). You can then use "save" or "save as" to keep it permanently on your machine or to prepare it for forwarding on by email. With some of these documents, the link below will take you via an intermediary page on my website that provides context or download options. Unfortunately I am not able to respond to requests that sometimes come in to host people's stuff here. The links that are displayed are chosen strictly because they are unavailable elsewhere on the web and are material with which I work closely.

  1. Manfred Max-Neef's paper on Fundamental Human Needs (1 MB .pdf)

  2. Dom Helder Camara's "Spiral of Violence" (link page to PDF)

  3. Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel's Stations of the Cross (link page to Powerpoint and PDF)

  4. William Montgomery Watt's Women in Earliest Islam (scanned into HTML) ... and now as original in PDF

  5. Professor William Montgomery Watt interview - "The Whole House of Islam, and We Christians with Them..."

  6. BBC Radio Scotland - Sally Magnusson interview with me - "What I believe" WMA audio file

  7. Bernard Narokobi of PNG - extract from "The Melanesian Way", 1980/1983 (1.2 MB PDF)

  8. Utula Samana of PNG - extract from "Papua New Guinea: Which Way?", 1988 (2.4 MB PDF)

  9. SIDT village development Resources - in memorandum of John Roughan, Solomon Islands Development Trust

  10. Iain Crichton Smith of Isle of Lewis - essays "Real People in a Real Place" & "Between Sea and Moor" from Towards the Human, 1996 (3.8 MB PDF)

  11. David Thomson - Fishing Industry & Community Papers (as references for ESRC/Scottish Government conference, Aberdeen 11-Mar-08) (1 MB PDF)
  12. Hermann Hesse, "The Poet", short story, 1913 (0.7MB PDF)

  13. Kenneth White, "Elements of Geopoetics" & Norman Bissell, "Open World Poetics", 1992, (1.1 MB PDF)

  14. Raimon Panikkar, "Nine Sutras on Peace", Interculture 1991 (0.9 MB PDF)

  15. Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez - Drummond Lectures, Scotland, 1995 (Audio downloads)

  16. Hamish Henderson - "Women of the Glen" (1982) (PDF)

  17. Elizabeth Carlassare - "Essentialism in Ecofeminist Discourse", 1994 (1MB PDF)

  18. The Napier Commission - Report with Appendices - Volume 5 - Appendices and Warrants (28 MB). I have placed this on my website for interim access as it has been lost from its original location at the UHI website during a reorganisation. I have alerted UHI to try and fix the missing volume. The 4 main volumes of the report are still on the UHI site at this link.  As that link has gone dead (July 2018) I have, at least for the time being, uploaded the other 4 volumes that I'd happened to have kept copies of, at the following links, each opens in a new window as may be slow to download:

    1. Volume 1 (24 MB PDF)

    2. Volume 2 (24 MB PDF)

    3. Volume 3 (24 MB PDF)

    4. Volume 4 (24 MB PDF)

    5. Volume "5" - Appendices & Warrants (28 MB PDF)

  19. Alexander Carmichael's testimonies to the Napier Commission (extracted), 1883 (1.6MB PDF)

  20. Alexander Carmichael's Carmina Gadelica - first 3 volumes in PDF from Project Guttenberg (each over 10 MB)

    1. Carmina Gadelica Volume 1 PDF: http://archive.org/download/carminagadelicah03carm/carminagadelicah03carm.pdf

    2. Carmina Gadelica Volume 2 PDF: http://archive.org/download/carminagadelicah04carm/carminagadelicah04carm.pdf

    3. Carmina Gadelica Volume 3 PDF: http://archive.org/download/carminagadelicah30carm/carminagadelicah30carm.pdf

    4. Carmichael-Watson Project Archive: http://www.carmichaelwatson.lib.ed.ac.uk/cwatson/ 

  21. Highland Clearances on the Isle of Lewis - chapter on Evictions from Macdonald, incl. Trump's ancestral Budhanais & Aird Tong

  22. James Frederick Ferrier on Scottish Philosophy the Old and the New (4 page extract - 0.3MB PDF) 

  23. Rev G.S.M. Walker on Richard of St. Victor: an Early Scottish Theologian? (1 MB PDF)

  24. Patrick Geddes on The Scots Renascence (with account of Blackie's funeral) (0.5 MB PDF)

  25. John Stuart Blackie on Classical Literature ... and Scottish University Education, Inaugural Lecture (2 MB PDF)

  26. John Stuart Blackie On the Advancement of Learning in Scotland (3 MB PDF) (Blackie's epic 1885 text on the Highland Clearances is not on my website, but can be downloaded in PDF from here)

  27. Brian McQuade of Govan - his contribution to Schumacher Briefing: Rekindling Community (photo: studying Lavery's photographic plates)

  28. Raimon Panikkar's Gifford Lectures Programme (1989) and other material from his time in Scotland

  29. Doctors in the Parish of Lochs from circa 1860 to the present day, and, My Babies are Having Babies by Dr I.K. McIntosh, 1979

  30. Brian McQuade's history of Govan from ancient to modern times

  31. Richard H. Roberts on The end of the university and the last academic? (7 MB PDF)

  32. Tom Johnston, Ch. 5 "The Democratic Theocracy" from The History of the Working Classes in Scotland (1929)

  33. Audio interview with First Nations elder Herb Nabigon (during visit to GalGael Trust), BBC Radio Scotland, 14-9-14

  34. Adam Curle on Unmediable Violence & The Three Poisons (1990)

  35. Donald J. MacLeod's notes on The Clearances, Parish of Uig, Isle of Lewis, and cemetery records from Gisla, Quebec

  36. Dr Bashir Maan interviewed by Ricky Ross on BBC Radio Scotland, 22 June 2015, about his book, Muslims in Scotland (15 MB MP3)

  37. Indigenous retrospective on the Harris Superquarry saga - John M. MacAulay's address to Harris Mountain Festival 2014

  38. Kenny Dan Smith's (of the Isle of Lewis) 7 Laws of the Ceilidh House - the traditional university of Gaelic culture

  39. Tara O'Leary's Scottish Affairs paper, Nae Fur the Likes of Us (poverty and Scotland's environmental organisations)

  40. Women Do Count - a booklet from the group concerned with gender-based violence within Quakers in West Scotland, for a COP 26 day conference

  41. Robert O'Driscoll's chapter The Aesthetic and Intellectual Foundations of the Celtic Literary Revival in Ireland, from The Celtic Consciousness symposium proceedings

  42. Watch this page ... more resources get added from time to time


Dis/claimer: The preparation of the files on this page is my personal responsibility and not that of any institutions or third parties with which I may be linked. Some of them were originally prepared under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Authority license that was held by the Centre for Human Ecology for our students. With others, generally out-of-print texts, I've usually been unable to make contact with original authors, and so I have acted in good faith on the presumption that they would be delighted if they were alive or readily contactable ... but if I'm wrong, and if any author or publisher is not happy with my posting material here, perhaps they could contact me and I will forthwith pluck out the offending eye.