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 Alastair McIntosh - MBA Class Profile


Edinburgh University MBA Alumni Profile


Alastair McIntosh, (1980-81)


(199 words)


Published in the "Class of '81" profile in Aluminate, the alumni magazine of the University of Edinburgh's Management School, August 2003, p. 34.


I laughed when I read that the FT now ranked Edinburgh University’s MBA 15th in Europe, “calculated by the rate of return the student can enjoy three years after their investment in the course”.


Well, sorry fellow alumni, but for the past 22 years I’ve been dragging you all down. These days I earn barely above the tax threshold (lower rate). Really, you should quietly disown me from the list! But first, listen to what the MBA has helped to achieve.


It enabled me to co-author the first British books on marketing and PR for charities. Strategic planning skills helped salvage a raft of worthy causes from “rebels without a clue”. I established Britain’s first MSc degree in human ecology then directed the Centre for Human Ecology. Insight into discounted cash flow methodologies helped unmask the usurious and non-sustainable underbelly of advanced capitalism – see my “Foreword” to Routledge’s forthcoming Europe, Globalisation and the Challenge of Sustainability. And I’ve written a book that Robin Harper MSP, George Monbiot and the Bishop of Liverpool all count amongst their “top 10 inspirational reads” - Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power (Aurum Press, 2001). Enquiries from right-on corporate sponsors, please, to mail@AlastairMcIntosh.com!







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