Kandinsky in Govan Ticket Sales

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Ticket sales now closed - please buy your ticket on the door

between 9 and 9.30 am on Saturday 22 Oct Thank you


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A Note on Choosing Your Ticket Type: Because Govan is a place with high unemployment we have kept the prices low. Please only buy concession tickets if you really need them. They are intended mainly for local people, and struggling artists or students/elderly who, as a rule of thumb, can't afford money to spend on things like cars and fancy wizmo-gizmos! We do not ask for proof of entitlement to concessions as we trust you to use your discernment taking account of our needs in running this conference from within a low-income community on a budget basis. If as an individual or an organisation you really cannot afford to pay the full whack but can meet us part-way, we suggest that you buy a cheaper ticket but make up the balance using the "donations" option. For example, if your organisation can afford 30, buy a Normal-priced ticket intended for individuals at 20 and make up in your shopping cart with 2 x 5 donations. If you buy tickets and then can't come, email Alastair at the above link to request a refund. Refunds can only be offered within 48 hours of the conference opening date as we'll need to put them back on sale. Tickets will be on sale at the door only if there are any left in a given category of ticket type. It really helps us if you can buy your tickets in advance as that allows us to plan numbers for the lunch and ensures you've got your place secured.  Many thanks.

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