Verene Nicolas, Alastair McIntosh & Book Cover Pictures for Media Use

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These are high resolution JPEG or BMP pictures intended for our professional work and suitable for media publication where we have authorised this. Click on the thumbnail images to download, but only if you have a high speed connection as the files are up to 10MB. You may not see the file appear until after it has downloaded. It will open in a new window. Once you've downloaded it, move your cursor over the image, right click, and select "save as" to save the file to a location of your choice on your hard drive.


High Resolution Pictures of Vérène Nicolas & Alastair McIntosh & Book Covers

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Hi-res passport style. Nov 2012.

(1/2 meg download on click)

No credit necessary.

By Dominique Carton, Oct 2010

May be freely used, 8 MB download on clicking thumbnail,  but please acknowledge picture use and if possible, his agency website via which a wider range can be selected at





Ironically these were both taken at a sustainability meeting in the boardroom of my "auld enemy", Lafarge of Harris superquarry fame, in March 2008. Where possible please credit to: "(C) Médiathèque Lafarge - Alain Le Breton". Lafarge and the photographer have given me permission to authorise on request general use of this image.



Photo taken by Murdo Macleod 2006 - may be freely used but please acknowledge him if space permits. Clicking on this picture will download a 5MB JPG file.


Vérène Nicolas & Alastair McIntosh

Vérène (French) and Alastair (Scottish) met in 1996, have lived together in Scotland since 1997 and married in 2002. They live in Drumoyne in the Greater Govan area of Glasgow.

This picture and its cropped versions are courtesy of our friend Murdo MacLeod, photographer to The Guardian, who has kindly given his permission for them to be freely used on request to us to help with our work. Please acknowledge him if this is easy so to do. Other pictures are available from Murdo on his usual professional terms.






Vérène Nicolas

Photo: Alastair McIntosh, 2007. May be freely used on request.

Click on cover to download hi-res book covers for:

Hell and High Water (2008)

Rekindling Community (2008)

Love and Revolution (2006)

Soil and Soul (2001-4)



Others available on request