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Classified Index of Publications

Classified Subject Index of Alastair McIntosh's Publications


This index classifies material into subject areas from the chronological index of publications. Click the links below to see sub-menus. These will list publications with the most recent at the top. As my work is transdisciplinary, there is some overlap between the categories. 


1.  Community, Place, Belonging & Identity

2.  Globalisation, Economics, Marketing & Management

3.  Nonviolence, War & Peace

4.  Sustainability, Conservation, Natural Resources, Climate Change

5.  Land Reform (including Isle of Eigg)

6.  Superquarries and Mining (including Isle of Harris)

7.  Epistemology, Education, Environmental Education & Science Policy

8.  Psychology, Cultural Psychotherapy & Ethnography (excluding South Pacific)

9.  Papua New Guinea & South Pacific (including Indonesia)

10. Spirituality, Theology, Religion & Philosophy

11. Consciousness Research & Parapsychology

12. Mythology, Poetics, Music, Story, Shamanism & the Faeries

13. Scottish Constitutional and Identity Issues (2014 Referendum)




Last Updated: 13/06/15


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